If you're picking up a PlayStation 4 console this week, you're probably aware that you'll get a free month of PlayStation Plus included in the box. You'll be able to put that to good use right away, as Sony has announced a trio of freebies that will be available for the system day one. 

The action-packed shooter Resogun, the adventurous platformer Contrast and the third-person free-to-play shooter Warframe will all be available at no charge to PlayStation Plus subscribers, new and ongoing alike. In addition, Warframe players can also access a starter pack that includes 100 Platinum, 50,000 Credits, a Falcon Mod Pack, and 3-Day Affinity and Credit boosters. Not a bad way to get your game library started, if we say so ourselves.

For those who are standing steadily by their PlayStation 3 consoles, not to worry – you're getting a cool freebie as well. The two-player cooperative platforming adventure Ibb and Obb will be added to the PlayStation Plus library on that system, with 15 levels of puzzle-solving fun for all ages.

Look for Ibb and Obb in the line-up on Tuesday, and the three PlayStation 4 games in time for its launch on Friday.