Resident Evil fans had a great deal of excitement when the horror video game franchise announced that a new entry would be coming in the future in the form of Project Resistance. However, no official footage for Resident Evil Project Resistance was shown when the game was officially announced. Fortunately, this lack of footage for the upcoming title changed on Monday, September 9th when the first teaser trailer for the game was released for fans to see. 

This brand new teaser trailer shows off a mysterious figure who is watching four individuals (who look to be your ordinary everyday people armed with weapons) on various monitors. This mysterious figure then begins to send out waves of zombies to eliminate our group of four survivors. The group takes down the zombies and a very dangerous Licker creature who gives them a run for their money. 

Our onlooker then decides to take the fight in his own hands and equips some high-tech gloves and clinches his fist. Everyone's favorite enemy Mr. X then appears in front of our four survivors and is ready to show them true terror. 

Unfortunately, the teaser trailer for Resident Evil Project Resistance did not provide any details on what precisely this new title will be. It is confirmed to be a team-based survival game, but it remains to be seen if there will be a story mode or if it will be a multiplayer-only experience. 

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