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Resident Evil Film Aimed for a September Theatrical Release

by Lucas White

Commissioned by Constantin Films, a new feature film take on Capcom’s Resident Evil series has been in development with Johannes Roberts in the director’s chair. Last night, Chad Rook, one of the movie’s cast members, tweeted out the planned release date, an info graphic showing character names and an ostensible plan to hit theaters.

Resident Evil Film Aimed for a September Theatrical Release


Chad Rook is set to portray Richard Aiken, who fans of the original Resident Evil may recognize from his encounters with… very large animals. His tweet included a September 3 release date, along with emojis for playing card suits.

That’s a reference to a long puzzle sequence in the Resident Evil 2, and it seems like it’s making some form of appearance in the film.

While Constantin’s previous Resident Evil film series, which drew in a huge audience, were more loose adaptations of the series, this one is different. Roberts has previously spoken to that, noting the movie is set in Raccoon City in 1998, and it following the source material more closely.

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The listed character names are the ones you’d expect (Redfield, Kennedy, Valentine) along with some surprises (for a movie, I mean) like Brad Vickers and the previously-mentioned Richard Aiken. That said, perhaps more curious is the lack of Rebecca Chambers, who was the character paired with Aiken during that part of the game.

Pictured: Rebecca Chambers, Richard Aiken and WCW wrestling legend Scott Steiner

Also notable is Rook’s “Theatres” hashtag, which seems to suggest Constantin is planning a normal theatrical release of some sort. Some studios have still been distributing films to theaters in various markets, but with the COVID-19 vaccines getting mass-produced now, perhaps Resident Evil could be part of a return to moviegoing normalcy. Who knows.

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