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Resident Evil Ambassadors Invited by Capcom to Test Unannounced Game

by Liana Ruppert

With all of the remake rumors and new IP leaks around, it looks like a select few will get in on the announcement early because Capcom just invited Resident Evil ambassadors to test out an unannounced game in the works. The news hit when members of the Resident Evil Ambassadors program found a new email from the publisher with the new invite, though the game in question wasn’t even disclosed to them. At least not yet. 

The Reddit boards were alight with the new email news with ‘Deimos-Chan’ sharing the entire contents of the letter on the public forum. With new perks being rolled out in 2020 for this program, the email outlined what’s next in addition to the exclusive invite: 

Hello, Resident Evil Ambassadors! It’s Tsuyoshi Otani, the producer in charge of the Resident Evil Ambassador Program.

Although Resident Evil 2 didn’t win an award at last week’s The Game Awards 2019, I’m very happy that Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice won both the Best Action/Adventure Game and the Game of the Year awards! We hope to win an award with Resident Evil 3 next year!

We are almost ready to roll out a new program for Ambassadors. Please see the details below.

We are introducing a new ranking system to the Ambassador Program. There are four ranks: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. We also renewed the Ambassador Cards with four different types. Pick the card that suits your style!

Also, as limited offers to Ambassadors, we have invitations to a playtest session of our unannounced title*, and priority seats at our game show booth**.

Higher-ranked Ambassadors have a greater chance to be selected for these offers, so aim for Platinum rank for the best chance to win! So, how can you improve your rank? Well, that’s easy! Ranks can be gained by participating in Ambassador activities!

* You need to apply for the playtest to be eligible for selection.

With the Resident Evil 3 remake confirmation just earlier this month and a whole host of new trademarks renewed, it’ll be interesting to find out what their next big project will be and whether or not it will be announced at E3 next year. The only real clue we have about what this could possibly be is that it’s specifically targeted towards the Resident Evil fanbase and while that doesn’t necessarily mean anything directly RE-related, it could be a clue that whatever it is fits snuggly in the horror game genre. 

What do you hope Capcom’s unannounced game is? Hit us up with all of your theories over on Twitter @PrimaGames.

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