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Resident Evil 8 Village VR Version Spotted Thanks to Gameplay Leak

by Liana Ruppert

We first saw our official reveal of Resident Evil 8: Village earlier this year with returning favorites and an even darker narrative. A new leak has shared quite a few details about the upcoming horror adventure, including that Resident Evil 8 VR is a thing that’s happening. 

According to a recent leak detailing the various weapons, characters, and mechanics of the upcoming game, a VR version of Resident Evil Village is slated for launch, though “they won’t make that announcement until Sony is ready.” Given that the proverbial cat is out of the bag now, a reveal could be here a lot sooner than originally anticipated, especially given its 2021 launch window. 

The leak also revealed more about the lower-tiered enemies, saying “The enemies within these areas are very pale, almost rotten skin, with tattoos on their foreheads and hands. Some with armor, but not like knight armor, that can also be shot off. They only speak of “normal” enemy types in this test, not of the “werewolf” like creatures we’d spoke on, and that was shown in the trailer.

“They do speak in a distorted foreign language. Some carried daggers, swords, axes, and even spears. There are some without armed weapons. They jump and grab and bite similar to Resident Evil 3, and you can button-mash to take less damage. Some enemies will throw you to the ground instead of biting. The one with the sword has a special attack that can instantly behead Ethan. And according to the source, you’ll recognize the move once you play the game.”

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You can learn more about what the next installment of Resident Evil has to offer with the hefty leak right here. Be sure to also check out our game hub here for more on the latest reveal, including how they can’t seem to get Chris Redfield right literally ever. 

As of right now, there is no release date information at this time for Resident Evil Village other than it is slated for a 2021 launch for the Xbox One, PlayStation 5, and PC. 

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