Despite mixed reviews Capcom’s latest addition to its seminal survival horror series, Resident Evil 6, has managed to bag itself 675,000 sales in its opening weekend in Japan.

PlayStation 3 copies dominate the tally with a huge 634,000 compared to the 41,000 copies sold for the Xbox 360, so says Japanese stat-collecting company Media Create (thanks NeoGAF).

In other Japanese sales news, the PlayStation Vita has finally surpassed one million units sold. It did so sadly in its lowest performing month, having shifted 7957 units.

It has taken 42 weeks for the Vita to get to a million sales, when compared to the 13 it took the 3DS to get there, or 14 of the PSP, you might start to feel sorry for little blighter. It’s a great device and a real shame it’s not taken off quite how Sony would like.

The Nintendo 3DS XL which was released back in July, has outdone the Vita, which had shown so much hope in December but since has attracted little love from gamers.

Sony do have something to celebrate this week though: the PlayStation 3 has just passed the 5 million mark in the UK. Not too shabby at all.