As of today, lucky owners of Capcom’s RPG, Dragon’s Dogma on the Xbox 360, can grab themselves a demo of Resident Evil 6.

There are three missions included with the demo, featuring one of the game’s protagonists in each, that’s Leon S. Kennedy, Chris Redfield and Wesker son Jake Muller.

In a bid to show off the different styles of play, the three levels follow missions in each of the game’s settings: North America, Europe and China.

Kennedy has a new partner named Helena Harper, and with her is tasked to explore the Ivy University campus while battling zombies. Redfield’s teamed up with Piers Nivans in a bid to fight off mutant J’avo across the rooftops of Lanshiang.

Muller has brought Sherry Birkin with him, who you might remember from RE2 as being the little girl you’d had to save, she’s all grown up now and the two characters are in Eastern-Europe fighting across a war-torn Edonia.

The RE6 PS3 demo is set for release on September 5th, the gull game arrives on October 2nd.