Capcom and Nintendo are reunited and it feels so good with the Resident Evil 5 and 6 Switch ports. With both ports now available, a new patch has arrived and it comes bearing a few new features for Nintendo horror fans to enjoy. 

The day one patch is now live, so what's new? One of the biggest features found in the update is the addition of gyroscopic aiming and motion controls. Though players don't have to use these features, Nintendo has proven in the past that these features are widely appreciated as seen in the Resident Evil 4 Wii port. With the high-tech Joy-Cons and constant support the Switch itself is getting, the option to include this feature only makes sense for the latest Resident Evil titles joining the Nintendo family. 

Both games are now live for players to enjoy. Though the new features are an amazing addition, keep in mind that this is a port and some performance issues may be experienced. The demos for these ports weren't without their fair share of technical difficulties, though the day one patch may alleviate most of those ailments. 

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