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Resident Evil 3 Remake Demo Drops This Week, Resistance Coming Soon After

by Liana Ruppert

With a large portion of the world under quarantine, it seems oddly appropriate that one of the most anticipated title drops this year centering around a virus that couldn’t be contained would drop a demo soon. Luckily for Resident Evil fans both new and old, the Resident Evil 3 remake demo is coming soon with a public beta period for Resident Evil Resistance following shortly after. 

Capcom revealed the good news over on their Twitter this morning and it honestly couldn’t come at a better time. The US this past weekend just declared a national emergency in response to COVID-19, a decision that many areas were forced to make in the weeks prior. Between the Resident Evil 3 remake, DOOM Eternal, and Animal Crossing, gamers are definitely in their natural habitat when it comes to being forced to bunker down and wait out the latest viral spread.

At least it isn’t the T-Virus, silver lining? 

We’ll be able to get our hands on the full horror adventure when Resident Evil 3: Nemesis drops on April 3. For more about the upcoming remake: 

“Witness the climactic events of Raccoon City in a completely reimagined Resident Evil 3. This highly demanded follow-up in the 94 million unit selling franchise comes on the heels of the award-winning Resident Evil 2, and completes the Raccoon City story arc. Resident Evil 3 will also include the online 4vs1 asymmetric multiplayer experience Resident Evil Resistance when it releases on April 3, 2020 for the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system, the Xbox One family of devices including Xbox One X, and Steam. In Resident Evil 3, S.T.A.R.S. member Jill Valentine, one of video games’ most iconic heroines, flees a city being consumed by zombies and other horrifying creatures.

“Built with Capcom’s proprietary RE Engine, Resident Evil 3 uses modernized gameplay to combine action with classic survival horror in vivid high-definition. Jill’s harrowing experiences in Resident Evil 3 take place in the nightmarish hours leading up to and following the events in Resident Evil 2, shedding new light on the plight of Raccoon City’s residents. Every hope of escape is cut off by another star in the Resident Evil franchise: the towering Bio Organic Weapon Nemesis. This brutal yet intelligent monstrosity uses an arsenal of high-powered weaponry to indiscriminately eliminate any surviving S.T.A.R.S. members in the city – with Jill being his final target.”


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