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Report: Mafia 3 Is a Next-gen Title

by Prima Games Staff

According to a report from Czech site, Mafia 3 is being built for the next Xbox and the PlayStation 4.

The story brings news that the title was originally intended to be available at launch but due to the fact that 2K Czech is currently putting a lot of effort into re-staffing since losing a significant number of crew last year.

There are currently 11 jobs going over at 2K Czech, many of which mention work involving the company’s “next AAA title”.

So far, as you might expect, there’s been no official word from 2K Czech.

The lead-up to the release of Sony and Microsoft’s next consoles is all very cloak and dagger. While neither company has said anything officially on event he existence of new consoles, reports from development teams seem to be suggesting launches sometime next year.

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