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Remember Me Gets an Official Release Date

by Prima Games Staff

Remember Me, the latest original project from Capcom, has been getting a lot of buzz since its introduction last year.  And now it looks like it’s wrapping up to have a rather memorable summer.

The game has an official release date of June 4th, according to the company, here in the United States.  A European release will also follow three days later, on June 7th.  Granted, that puts it right before E3, but, hey, better than during, like The Last of Us will be doing on PS3.

As you could see from the previews, Remember Me has a lot going for it, with the developers at Dontnod creating a vivid, original world for the hero to romp through.  We’ll have a better breakdown of how it works in a forthcoming preview.  And who knows, the adventure just might be noteworthy enough to continue into the next gaming generation.