Remember Me Beginner’s Tips (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3)

Control memories and achieve combos with our newest intro guide.

Capcom’s Remember Me came out this week, and the futuristic action/adventure lives up to the hype.  Not only will you fend off enemies with combination attacks brewed through the Combo Lab, but you’ll also manipulate memories to your advantage. If you need help doing that, these Remember Me beginner’s tips will set you on the right path.  

Twist Those Memories

Midway through the first stage, you run into a bounty hunter seeking to capture Nilin to cash in on a huge reward she plans to use on her husband’s expensive medical procedure.  Just before that happens, she touches Nilin’s head and sees a memory that relates to the situation at hand.  This is where you learn about memory manipulation, fast-forwarding and rewinding the scene at will using the analog sticks.

Be on the lookout for little things that may have a big impact, such as the husband’s oxygen mask or wrist restraint.  Sometimes you’ll need to go further back and tweak something else, like a memory bank.  Part of the fun involves altering these scenes to see how things play out, but it’s also important to make sure it works in your favor. In this case, giving the doctor no choice but to “terminate” the subject.  While not actually dead, the bounty hunter thinks he is, making her sympathetic to your cause.

Examine The Environment

There’s a good chance you’ll lose your way because of tricky checkpoints, but don’t worry. Use the right analog stick to search for a piece of the environment highlighted with a yellow marker. It could be a ledge, pipe or a light that needs to be shot using your manipulation powers.  All it takes is a little progress to get moving again, and in some cases, you’ll need to go back and activate a lift or move around certain pistons so you can reach a higher area with ease.  It’s all part of the process.

The Secret Packages

Always be on the lookout for memory packages.  The key is to watch out for special monitors that highlight their location, usually through a visual picture that shows exactly where they are.  From there, you’ll need to look around the environment for something familiar from the scene and then collect it.  The more you collect, the more powerful you become – so stock up.  There’s no time limit.

Pressens In the Combo Lab

Finally, we have the Combo Lab.  Here, you’ll be able to piece together a variety of combination attacks that Nilin can use on her enemies.  At first, you’ll just open up basic punches and kicks to wear them down, as well as finishing moves where she can stylishly flip around and eradicate people’s memories to knock them out cold. 

Pressens are by far one of the coolest features. These add-ons enhance your combat a number of ways, whether you’re regenerating health (Regen Pressen), building up power for stronger moves (Power Pressen) or setting up stronger chain attacks (Chain Pressen).  You can also set up a Cooldown Pressen to make S-Pressen cool-downs go smoother.

The S-Pressens are souped-up moves that give Nilin enhanced strength for a limited amount of time, but they require power to activate.  The more you use, the better the Focus meter that keeps special moves within reach.

What’s cool about the Combo Lab is that you can chain certain Pressens together to keep power growing in both health and heavy damage.  For instance, you should have no problem tying a Regen and Power Pressen into a five-to-six hit combo.  Doing so will keep you from succumbing – though learning the game’s easy dodge system will benefit you as well.

Finally, play around with combos.  Some of them are quite good, and you’re not penalized for getting one wrong unless you’re surrounded.

Remember Me is currently available for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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