Preorders for both upcoming Pokemon games went live this morning, along with final release dates. Based on both store listings and some tweets from the official Pokemon Twitter feeds, it looks like Pokemon Shining Diamond and Brilliant Pearl are set to launch on November 19, 2021. Meanwhile, Pokemon Legends Arceus is aimed for January 28, 2022. This is true for both the Japanese versions and the localized release.

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Pokemon Shining Diamond and Brilliant Pearl are remakes of the Nintendo DS Diamond and Pearl games, which were the series’ debut on that platform. This remake is very much a straightforward conversion of the games to Nintendo Switch, with a similar classic JRPG art style but with 3D art and of course the HD resolution. As is generally the case with modern Pokemon releases, a Deluxe Pack of both games will also be offered, for $119.99.

Further out is Pokemon Legends Arceus, which can be preordered for the standard $59.99 price. There’s no information on any alternate SKUs for this game yet, but considering it’s over six months away that isn’t too surprising. However, we do have the game’s official box art, which this writer thinks is pretty snazzy.

We’re headed towards E3, and if tradition holds we’ll be seeing plenty of footage and information surrounding both Pokemon releases in the coming weeks. But for now, we know when to expect the launch.

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