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Registration Open for the PS5 System Software Beta

by Morgan Shaver

On the PlayStation Blog, it was announced that registration is now open for the upcoming PS5 system software beta program along with registration requirements. For example, being 18 or over, and a PS5 owner with a PlayStation Network account.

If you’re curious about what the next system update for the PS5 will look like and want to check it out early ahead of launch, signing up for the system software beta is a must. 

Registration Open for the PS5 System Software Beta

Select PS5 owners will be treated to an early look at the next system software update for the console thanks to an upcoming beta. Registrations for the PS5 system software beta are open now. If you’d like to sign up, click here to head over to the registration page

To register, you’ll need to sign into your PlayStation Network account. From there, you’ll need to review the information and at the bottom of the page, check the box agreeing to the terms of the PS5 system software beta, before hitting “submit” to confirm your registration. 

You should see a notification that says “thanks for registering,” after which you can rest assured your registration went through successfully. All that you need to do from that point forward is wait and keep an eye on the email attached to your PlayStation Network account to find out if you’ve been selected to participate in the PS5 system software beta or not. 

For added convenience, the PlayStation Blog notes that those who register won’t need to do so again in the future as they’ll be included in the potential participant pool for other PS5 software betas. Specifics on what will be included in the beta weren’t provided, though more information is set to drop within the next few weeks.

“Later this year, we’re rolling out another major system update packed with new features, and we want your help testing them out,” the PlayStation Blog reads.

“If you’re selected to be part of the program, you’ll receive an email with instructions on how to download the beta version of the next system software. In order to sign up, you’ll need a PS5 console with an internet connection and a PlayStation Network account.” 

The post briefly mentions the last system software update back in April which introduced USB extended storage, cross-generation Share Play, an improved Game Base, and various other UI enhancements. It’ll be interesting to see what will be included in the next system software beta, and when the next software update will go live.

Until then, be sure to register for the PS5 system software beta if you’re interested in getting an early look. While we wait for more information regarding the next PS5 software update, we’re curious to hear what you think about the beta that’s being made available for interested PS5 owners.

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