The SNES may be a system that's well past its time, but with all these game re-releases on the Wii Virtual Console service, it's still enjoying some sort of popularity, and at a fraction of the price, no less.  But one Reddit user by the name of robotairz has gone even further, custom building a portable SNES unit out of what appears to be a yellow box.

Featuring a digital screen built into the lid, a multiple-cartridge holding unit in the bottom of the tray (plugged into a system) and two controllers that can be taken out of pockets on the side, this looks like a handy little unit for people to pull out and play.

It isn't for sale, but robotairz graciously breaks down how he was able to build it in his Reddit post.  We're not too crazy about the ugly yellow boxing he used, but, hey, who are we to argue with savvy system building?  Well done!