We currently know nothing about Grand Theft Auto 6 officially. Everything has been rumors and speculation, but it’s a safe bet that GTA 6 is coming eventually.

Recent Rockstar Patent Could Bring Huge Changes to Future Titles Like GTA 6

A patent filed by Rockstar in April and officially published in October suggests some very advanced NPC’s might be making their way into its future products.

This patent, which can be found here, is to create complex AI pathing for each NPC on the map using a network of cloud technology. 

While nothing is specific to GTA 6 or other Rockstar products, it’s pretty obvious based on the open-world games the company makes that it is exploring how to make a more realistic and simulated game. 

It’s undoubtedly an exciting avenue to explore and something that could be nothing. After all, patents are filed all the time for a multitude of different reasons. It’s exciting to see Rockstar trying to find new and innovative ways to push the medium forward, but only time will tell if this turns into anything of substance. 

We currently have no inkling of a release date from Grand Theft Auto 6. Some rumors have suggested that it will take place in Miami or an area modeled after Miami. There have been plenty of rumors and leaks (which we've linked to below). Take all of them with a grain of salt, but it's still fun to speculate about what Rockstar has up its sleeve. 

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