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Unnamed Millionaire Wants An IRL Battle Royale On A Private Island, Because Naturally

by Liana Ruppert

Despite there literally being several movies out there on why this would be a Very, Very Bad Idea, one anonymous millionaire is wanting to make their grandeur dreams of battle royale a reality on their private island. What do you do when winner, winner chicken dinners aren’t enough? You buy your own island, apparently …

Part of the “anonymous millionaire” bit is that we don’t know who this person is (shocker, we know) but according to a recent report from USGamer, the mysterious person is looking to take the experience PUBG and Fortnite players have been enjoying in gaming into the real world over on a site called HushHush.com. No, really.

Luckily, this won’t be a Hunger Games situation, nobody is actually going to get killed for that coveted number one spot. Instead, the apparently needlessly rich person is contracting the help of game designers to make this IRL battle royale experience a reality and done so in a way that’s fun for everyone. No word on whether or not there will be poultry prizes for the winner, but PUBG players can dream.

So what’s the incentive outside of a private island getaway and bragging rights? Apparently the last man staning can win $130,390 USD if they can beat out the 99 other players. Hope you like airsoft guns, because that’s what players will be using to take eachother out (infinitely better than real guns, thank you very much), as well as unique armor to find – including touch sensitive armor to prove when a player has been hit, and a medical staff at the ready in case something unfortunate happens.

All joking aside, this idea seems really fun and it appears that the founder is taking the necessary steps to make sure all participants are taken care of. Interested in learning more? You can check out the official HushHush listing right here

Liana Ruppert

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