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The Razer Toaster Is Now Real Thanks to An April Fool’s Joke Gone Right

by Liana Ruppert

The Razer Toaster started out as an April Fool’s joke, and now it’s the real deal and honestly, if this isn’t the hard-hitting news you were hoping for today – we don’t know what to tell you. 

Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan confirmed the randomly delightful news in a recent Facebook post, though he said it would “take a few years” for the engineering team to see this idea to fruition. 

“Alright – I didn’t think these guys were going to make it – but they did,” reads the below Facebook post. “It was to hit 1M likes and with each Razer Toaster tattoo being equivalent to 100K likes each….and they now have 12 Razer Toaster tattoos. Well….what can I say. I’ve just officially liked their page – and I’m going to put together my team of designers and engineers. It will take a few years – but I’ll be sure to share the progress – and make it a community affair.”


As a recap for how this actually came to be, Razer first revealed this “concept” as an April Fool’s joke back in 2016. Apparently, however, gamers really want a chromatic toaster because it quickly went viral with a huge call for it to become a real thing. As the demands for this toaster grew, so did the craziness, and with the Facebook group called “Give Us the Razer Toaster” started getting actual tattoos calling for the Razer toaster, the team decided to make it a reality as the viral trend continued. 

So, yeah. That’s a thing. A Razer Toaster. This is what you wanted, apparently, so … enjoy, we guess? Hopefully, the updates are smooth for it and the toast that comes out comes with a Redbull partnership. 


Thanks, Tom’s Hardware!  

Liana Ruppert

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