When you've got die-hard fans for a franchise, they will lash out at the tiniest little things, like change to a familiar formula or, worse yet, the delay of a product.  This is definitely the case for fans of Ratchet and Clank, who, yesterday, were expecting the oft-delayed release of the latest game, Full Frontal Assault, for PlayStation Vita – a release that, sadly, didn't happen.

Fans have been ranting and raving on Insomniac Games' Facebook page as a result of the game's lack of arrival, citing that it could even be cancelled.  But Insomniac calmed those fears, even though it's actually not working on the port itself.  Their response is below…

"Please get your facts straight. We never said the 29th. It was said mistakenly via a Sony Twitter account. Not Insomniac. Tin Giant IS a real developer and is working on the game. The game will come out and is not "canned". Insomniac does not develop for Vita. We never have and we have repeatedly stated we won't. Sony owns the game and the IP and therefore controls who makes the games and what is done with it. We made the PS3 version and passed it off to Tin Giant to port to Vita. Anything beyond that we do not control. If you have an issue with that, take it up with Sony. Thanks."

It's still coming, but they aren't sure when.