Remember when Ratchet and Clank: Full Frontal Assault came out last year for PlayStation 3?  It's a pretty fun title for $20, and came with the promise of Cross-Buy, meaning you could take the action on the go through your PS Vita.  Unfortunately, that version wasn't finished yet, leaving a few portable players high and dry.

Now the wait is over.  Yesterday, as part of its weekly PlayStation Store update, Sony released Full Frontal Assault for PS Vita.  The game features a blend of non-stop action and strategic planning, as you defend bases from incoming enemies while taking over new ones.

The game will cost you $19.99, but it's free of charge if you already bought the PlayStation 3 edition back in November.

On top of that, Insomniac Games has offered a freebie game, to kind of make up for the months you had to wait for the portable version.  A high-definition version of Ratchet: Deadlocked HD, first released on PlayStation 2, is now available for download.  Featuring a strong amount of action and the same trademark humor that the series is known for, the game is free for those who bought Assault…or you can buy it separately for $9.99.

Both games are available now on PlayStation Network.