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Rainbow Six: Siege’s Operation Chimera Adds New Operators and Co-op Event

by Josh Hawkins

Ubisoft surprised fans when they originally announced that they were planning a second year of content for Rainbow Six: Siege near the end of 2016, but at the end of 2017 they took things a step further, announcing a third year of content release plans to help keep the thrilling first-person shooter alive. After months of speculation about the new content, fans can finally dive into the first update for Rainbow Six: Siege’s third year, Operation Chimera.

The new update is available for players to download today, and it comes with quite a few additions to the game including two new operations, a limited time three-player cooperative game mode called Outbreak, and a ton of changes to the game. Here’s what we know about the two newest operators joining the Rainbow Six: Siege team.

Finka is a Russian operator highly skilled in dealing with bio-chemical threats. She wields weapons like the Spear .308, the SASG-12, and the 6P41. On top of this, she also has a unique ability called Adrenaline Surge that will allow her to activate pre-injected nanobots in operators, giving them a short HP boost, as well as picks them up out of DBNO (down but not out) and steadies their aim.

Lion is a French operator who has been involved with multiple conflicts dealing with bio-chemical threats. He wields the V308, 417 Marksman Rifle, and the SG-CQB as his primary weapons of choice and has a unique ability that allows him to use an aerial drone that detects movement in an area and gives an overview of hotzones and the battlefield.

Both of the new operators will be available for attacking players in Rainbow Six: Siege.

On top of the new operators, there is also a new time-limited cooperative mode. Outbreak tasks up to three players with taking out patient zero after an alien parasite infects a small town in Mexico. Venture into the quarantine zone and do your best to survive the hordes of angry, mutated creatures trying to take you out. Outbreak will be available for players to try out and enjoy from March 6 to April 3. That’s almost a month to dive in and take out the mutant hordes.

You can learn more about Operation Chimera and the changes made today by heading over to the official Rainbow Six: Siege website.


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