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Rainbow Six Siege PlayStation 5 Details Revealed

by Jesse Vitelli

Today, on the PlayStation Blog, Senior Content Communication Specialist SIEA Tim Turi detailed the enhancements coming to Rainbow Six Siege on the PlayStation 5. 

Rainbow Six Siege PlayStation 5 Details Revealed

First off, the enhancements for the game will be coming on December 1 of this year. Which means it’s only a couple of weeks away. 

Here is how to PlayStation 5 version will take advantage of the hardware for Rainbow Six Siege. 

  • Performance Mode: Target 120 fps with 4k Dynamic Resolution Scaling
  • Resolution Mode: Target 60 fps with 4k Resolution
  • Activity Card support for Ranked, Unranked, Newcomer, Quick Match, & Events so players can dive into the game faster

Also, it’s not just the visuals getting upgraded. It turns out Rainbow Six Siege is also going to take advantage of the Dualsense controller technology. 

“Thanks to the DualSense controller’s adaptive triggers, squeezing the R2 trigger emulates the resistance of an actual trigger, offering a unique feel for each weapon category and shooting gadget. For example, adaptive trigger resistance is light and quick for pistols, and heavier for bigger, powerful weapons like light machine guns. Players will also be able to feel the difference between single fire and full-automatic for full immersion.”

The upgrade from PS4 to PS5 is free and will not require any additional payments to receive these upgrades. All of your progress and content will carry-over into the new version of the game. 

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Players will also still be able to play cross-gen so if your friends haven’t upgraded to a PS5 yet, you won’t be cut off from them.

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