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Rainbow Six Quarantine: Terrifying New Reveal At E3 2019

by John Cooper

The Ubisoft conference has been bringing the heat, and while a few things leaked ahead of time, that does nothing to stop the hype. They sure know how to put on a show with the Assassin’s Creed Symphony, Jon Bernthal and a really good dog, and then the usual chaos of the Just Dance announcement. 


Well, we also got to see some footage for the next Rainbow Six game which is called Rainbow Six Quarantine. The trailer had a character lying on the floor waiting for some unseen monster to come and try and eat him. As he lay on the floor there, an unknown virus crept up his arm until his watch injected a booster of some sort. It seems like this may well be the reason for the titular quarantine as it could well be that the monsters in this area used to be the people trying to survive. 

Rather than being a PvP focussed affair, this one is all about the PvE experience. A co-operative one too which could well be the next big thing if it has the same slick feeling as Rainbow Six Siege. 

No gameplay was shown, nor did we get a release date, but it certainly worked well as a teaser trailer. It makes your mind race to what it could possibly be and how it could potentially work. It may well be that this is a next-gen title, too, which is always an exciting prospect. 

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