Following the release of Prototype 2 last April (and to underwhelming sales numbers, sadly), there were reports that Activision was scuttling the game's developer, Radical Entertainment. But the team isn't as dead as you might think.


A tweet from the company's official Twitter page revealed that they are in fact still alive – just not working on their own projects. Said the tweet, "Just a quick note to our great fans and friends. The rumors of our closure have been greatly exaggerated – we're still here! More later…"


The staff was reduced following the sequel's release, but the studio remains open. However, reports confirm that Radical is no longer working on their own games, instead helping Activision with development on other projects. At least they're still around, right?


And don't forget to check out Prototype 2. It's a wonderful free-roaming action game and very bloody, if you're into that sort of thing…