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Radiant Worlds Acquired by Rebellion, Working on Strange Brigade

by Josh Hawkins

Rebellion bumped its staff size up last week with the acquisition of Radiant Worlds, a UK-based game studio founded by industry veterans Philip and Andrew Oliver. Up until the end of last year, Radiant Worlds was hard at work on SkySaga: Infinite Isles, a sandbox MMO with Minecraft-like attributes. The team of 70 employees is a massive acquisition for Rebellion, and according to a press release from the publisher, the new studio will immediately start work on several current projects they have.

Radiant Worlds will live on as Rebellion Warwick, and their main projects for now will include the 1930s co-op action game, Strange Brigade, as well as contributions to other current franchises in the Rebellion family, including Battlezone, Sniper Elite, and Evil Genius. With the acquisition, Rebellion’s overall staff size grows to over 300, giving them more than enough resources to push the company even further in 2018.

“To bring such great people to the company, just after our 25th birthday, is quite remarkable” Rebellion CEO and co-founder Jason Kingsley OBE said about the acquisition.  He continued by saying, “It’s been a great year for us and we have a lot of plays to help make 2018, 2019 and beyond bigger and ever greater years for Rebellion.”

It was a shame to see SkySaga come to an indefinite hold back in September of 2017, and the community surrounding the game is no doubt happy to hear about the fact that the studio will live on under Rebellion. We’re excited to see what they bring to the table in 2018 and 2019, and we hope that the additions to the team will prove fruitful and great for bother parties involved. There aren’t currently any release dates for the titles that the team will be working on, but we’re sure more information will come throughout the year.

You can check out the press release for the full details.

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