'Tis the season to be funky, right?

Queasy Games announced today through a video message that they have released a new Holiday Sound Pack for their hit PlayStation 3/PS Vita game Sound Shapes.  The pack, which is available at no charge, includes five new Christmas-themed instruments from classic carols, enabling you to craft a little bit more creatively in the game.  It'll automatically be downloaded to your game once you start it up, and added to your library.

In addition, Queasy is encouraging users to upload their special holiday levels and tag them on Twitter using the tag #XMAS, so they know that the pack is being put to good use by its happy audience.  That's not too much to ask, right?

You can watch the video greeting belowand indulge in Sound Shapes now on PlayStation Network.  It's a Cross-Buy title, and the download works across both systems.  Now that's a reason to be joyous.