The third and final Pyromania patch has landed in the world of Team Fortress 2 and with it, an array of completely madcap colorful content, including a new level, awesome weapon reskins and some community created weapons.

The absurd and wonderful level that is Pyroland lets players see through the Pyro’s eyes (see the Meet the Pyro video, below). And what a sight! It’s full of rainbows

Equipping any one of a new set of reskins for the classic Pyro selection, or indeed the new Pyrovision Goggles, will enable you to view the world through his crazy eyes. Be quick to log in though, as the goggles are available free until July 5th, after that you’ll have to dominate someone with a pair to earn some.

The new weapons include the Rainblower, Lollichop, Burning Bongos and Infernal Orchestrina. Have a giggle at the official descriptions below:

The Rainblower: "Your friends (enemies) will squeal with delight (be consumed by fire) when you cover them in sparkly rainbows (all-consuming fire)."

"Your friends (enemies) will squeal with delight (be consumed by fire) when you cover them in sparkly rainbows (all-consuming fire)."

The Lollichop: "Fill (split) your buddies' tummies (skulls) with delicious candy (cold steel) with this oversized sugary treat."

The Burning Bongos: "When you were a kid, all you wanted was to play the bongos. But then you grew up and, like all of us, realised you're not as good at bongos as Matthew McConaughey. Well, guess what, pal: nobody is, or ever will be. What, are you going to give up just because he's the best?"

The Infernal Orchestra: "Your BFFs (enemies) will turn their frowns upside down (confront their own mortality) as they dance a merry jig to (run in terror from) these cheery tunes (soul-destroying funeral dirges)."

There are custom taunts with each of these bar the Infernal Orhestra.

Also unveiled is the Source Filmmaker, which Meet the Pyro and the previous Meet the… films were made with. It’ll be free to download and use in the future, enabling communities to make their own videos. Awesome.

Valve, we love you.

The Pyromania patch will automatically download next time you log into Steam, it’s 400MB.