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Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch – Familiar Spotlight – Purrloiner

by Prima Games Staff


In the area outside of Castaway Cove there is a strange, cat-like creature known as the Purrloiner. If you find yourself in need of an agile fighter who is able to get out of the way easily, Purrloiner is a great early choice. Purrloiner is a Milite with good flexibility in its available tricks but is light on defensive abilities but is also the only Milite available with the Evade command. If you are comfortable with the much smaller window of defense with Evade, Purrloiner can easily go toe-to-toe with Mite in terms of physical damage.

Proper Care and Feeding

+30 attack
+20 magic defense

Purrloiner has a decent spread of stats out the gate, so much of what you feed it will depend on how you plan on using it in your party. It has a naturally high evasion and moderate defense. With
the Evade command and a tank on the field, Purrloiner has very little to fear from physical attacks. Magic attacks are another thing altogether, as they often hit multiple party members and
Purrloiner’s magic defense is sorely lacking. With a very high attack speed, putting points into attack allows Purrloiner to shred through just about any enemy in a short amount of time.


Metamorphosing into Cutpurrse from Purrloiner doesn’t change the game up too much. It will learn a few extra support tricks and gain a 50% resistance to fire elemental damage but remains much the same albeit with higher stats. The second metamorphosis for Puurloiner is an interesting one. Your choices are Puss in Bouts and Puss in Boats.

Puss in Bouts

While the armor, sword, and name would suggest that Puss in Bouts is the pure warrior, that is not completely true. While Puss in Bouts has slightly lower stats across the board, it learns some strong Storm elemental tricks and is a bit more flexible because of it. When approaching your enemy is not a safe option, Puss in Bouts can sit back and throw a few elemental tricks around until it is safe to approach.

Puss in Boats

This pirate-looking cat has higher stats almost completely across the board and, if you have gone the offensive route with its bonus stats, is quite capable of turning your foes into ribbons. This metamorphosed form trades in its fire resistance for water resistance and a weakness to fire elemental attacks (which tend to be much more common). So, the extra points in magic defense become that much more important. Whichever final form you pick, it’s obvious that Purrloiner is designed for pure physical damage quickly and efficiently, so you really cannot go wrong with either choice.

Best Buddies

Purrloiner is a Milite family familiar which means it enjoys an affinity bonus with Oliver. While affinity is a strong deciding factor in where you assign your familiars, Purrloiner almost seems
meant to be shared. Oliver has no shortage of physically imposing familiars to choose from while Esther and Marcassin in particular have very limited choices when looking within the families they
have affinity with. Consider pairing Purrloiner with Esther especially in the early parts of the adventure so that she has a powerful attacker and is less likely to burn through her MP during
normal fights. Evade has a very short duration and a fairly long cooldown so placing Purrloiner with an AI controlled companion makes it more likely that they avoid damage when you give the All Out
Defense command because of their very fast reflexes. Should you choose to keep Purrloiner with Oliver, keep an eye out for caster type familiars like Oroboros or Worker Bumbler to back up your
melee offense with some ranged flexibility.

Tips and Tricks

With Purrloiner’s incredible attack speed, try to keep at least one familiar around to slow down and impair your enemies defenses so you can maximize your damage. It is also worth getting the hang
of Evade’s short active time to make sure you don’t hit the command too soon and take the full brunt of an attack. When fighting enemies susceptible to blinding attacks, blind them and use the
Smoke Bomb trick and you can dance around them while avoiding a vast majority of their attacks. As always, feel free to use the comments section below to add your own tips or tricks for using Purrloiner or let us know if there’s another familiar you’d like to see spotlighted!

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