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PUBG’s New Desert Map Officially Revealed

by Josh Hawkins

Up until now, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds publisher, Bluehole, has been pretty sparse with details about the game’s upcoming desert map. Now, though, they’ve peeled back the layers and are finally ready to talk about things, including when players can expect to play the new desert map, which they’ve named Miramar.

This new arena is quite a bit different than Erangel, the original arena in the game, and players who have grown used to the lush, green landscapes of the original will find themselves thrown awry in the new map, which encompasses beach towns, arid desert landscapes, and large industrial areas. It’s a bit of a far cry from the original map, and the developers say that it will dramatically change how the players approach their own strategies and gameplay.

The new map will be home to eight large cities, all of which we’ve listed out below. Each city will be made up of different buildings and setups in an attempt to help diversify the gameplay across the map. Here’s the full list of the cities, and a brief description of each.

Los Leones is the largest city on the map, this city features plenty of shopping and skyline filled with new construction zones, as well as a massive city center for fans to fight around and within. There are plenty of high vantage points to exploit here, and plenty of loot for those willing to search the foreboding and abandoned buildings.

El Pozo is made up of large industrial and entertainment districts, and players can explore the Luchador Arena, and put their motorcycle skills to the test in the death bowl, or hunt for new bounties in the abandoned hallways of crumbling textile factories.

Monte Nuevo’s streets are surrounded by broken down walls providing plenty of cover for players looking to take the battle to this city.

Valle del Mar sits on the edge of the ocean, bisected by a bridge that separates the town and is sure to create tension between players trying to move from the school in the western part of town, to the church in the eastern part.

La Cobreria is the shipping and transport capitol of the region, and players will find a massive rail yard here to play within. There’s plenty of buried cargo containers to hide behind, and there are plenty of ways for players to see you if you aren’t careful.

San Martin sits like a war zone amongst the landscape of Miramar, with checkpoints and barriers dividing this once small, quaint town into a battleground just waiting to be filled with bodies.

Pecado was once a large tourist attraction in Miramar, with the region’s largest casino drawing in thousands upon thousands. Now, though, it only draws in those looking to take the lives of others, so watch your back as you make your way through this town and its dangerous sightlines.

Chumacera was once the thriving center of Miramar’s textile industry, but now the long-abandoned factories have become husks that overlook the main road. There’s a lot of verticality to be enjoyed here, if players are willing to risk their own necks for the chance at taking down others looting the area.

As you can see, there are a ton of new possibilities in the new map for PUBG, and we can’t wait to dive into it and experience the new cities and landscapes ourselves. There’s no official release date just yet, but the developers have stated that fans should have a chance to try out the new map before the release of PUBG Version 1.0, which is slated to launch before the end of December.

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