PUBG Update Makes Sanhok An Even Bigger Adrenaline Rush

Here is what's new regarding PUBG and the Sanhok map, including those highly desired "confiscated weapons."

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) continues to evolve and shake up the world of battle royale and the latest set of changes will be great for challenge-seekers that love the Sanhok map. In the latest Julie’s Kar98 “No Assembly Required” update, the Sanhok map is getting confiscated weapon drops and it looks glorious. 

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The jungles of Sanhok are already a tumultuous fighting ground due to its setup, oftentimes resulting in immediately meeting heavy fire the second those boots hit the ground. To make this adrenaline-fueled map have even higher-stakes, the team behind the battle royale hit has made a few adjustments. 

A major part of this push is Julie’s Kar98, which is pre-configured with a 6x scope, a suppressor, and a Bullet Loop attachment. This makes dropping in hot even easier, but not on those at the other end of that barrel. Coming fully equipped also helps, making the weapon valuable right out of the gate versus hunting for parts. 

In a recent blog post, the team behind PUBG also opened up a bit more about confiscated weapons: “a collection of unique “confiscated weapons” that come kitted-out with attachments that should maximize a weapon’s potential playstyle. They’re each branded with skins fashioned by their previous users and only available on the new Sanhok.”

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Between the new confiscated weapons and the intimidating armored vehicles, Sanhok has never been a hotter zone, which is great for those players that truly wish to test their skills and prove they are the ultimate BR fan deserving of that delectable chicken dinner. 

To learn more about what is new in Sanhok and in PUBG on a broader scope, be sure to check out the official game’s website right here. 

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