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PUBG is Discounted on Steam for the First Time Ever

by Larryn Bell

For the first time ever, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is on sale on Steam for a limited time. If you have yet to play PUBG on PC or want to pick up an extra copy to gift to a friend, now is the time to do so. Starting today, PUBG is on sale in the Steam store for $19.99, which is 33% off of its regular price of $29.99. The PUBG Steam sale ends on July 5, 2018.

The sale comes in celebration of multiple milestones PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has achieved since its launch last year. According to an announcement from the developers, PUBG has sold over 50 million units worldwide across both PC and Xbox One. 

When factoring in PUBG Mobile users with those on PC and console, PUBG has amassed over 400 million registered players worldwide, with an average of 87 million people playing PUBG daily. Those are certainly some milestones worth celebrating!

“We’re going to keep working on new content and improvements for all versions of the game,” said the PUBG developers in today’s announcement. “We know there’s still so much we can do to make PUBG a better game for our players.”

The PUBG Steam sale arrives alongside PC 1.0 update #15, which introduces the highly-anticipated Sanhok map to PUBG. At one-fourth the size of Erangel or Miramar, Sanhok is the smallest map available in PUBG. After extensive testing and feedback from players, Sanhok is finally ready to be in regular rotation. 

If you’re new to PUBG, be sure to check out some of our PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds guides to help set you on your way to earning that coveted chicken dinner!

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