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PUBG MOBILE In China Makes Killing Hilariously Wholesome

by Liana Ruppert

It’s no secret that China has very strict game violence laws, which is a hard thing to work with when the entire purpose of a game is to be the last man standing. In an effort to make PUBG MOBILE more ‘friendly’, it’s accidentally become one of the most wholesome games out there. Smile and wave, boys … smile and wave. 

The below clip by Svend Joscelyne shows off the new changes in action. When one player kills another player, they don’t go down in fire and glory! Instead, they drop a loot box and give a friendly wave instead. Aw. 

I’ll admit, when I first heard about this in concept I thought it sounded more than a little bit ridiculous. That being said, actually seeing it? It’s kind of adorable and you know what? Chicken dinners deserve to be wholesome, so change approved. Fans seem to agree, which makes us wonder if the reaction is positive enough if they wouldn’t consider this as an alternate mode across all regions? We’re pondering …

As for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, the popular battle royale experience is now available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Still no Nintendo Switch news, though we’re hopeful.

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