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PUBG to Implement New Anti-Cheat Measures

by Larryn Bell

The PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds developers are rolling out a new update this week that will implement a series of anti-cheat measures in PUBG. These measures prohibit the use of any programs that adjust or tamper with PUBG’s game files in any way. As a result, these measures will prevent the use of a number of popular third-party programs in PUBG, including ReShade and Steam Family Sharing. 

According to a recent Steam post, the developers at PUBG Corp. have put together a team dedicated to tackling cheaters in PUBG. As a part of this broad anti-cheat effort, the team has developed new anti-cheat tech that is currently being tested and will be implemented sometime this week. 

PUBG Anti-Cheat Deactivates Steam Family Sharing

This new anti-cheat feature will block various programs that “hook into” the game files to alter the game. This includes third-party programs like ReShade, which is used for improving the graphics and visuals in PUBG. Even programs that do not grant players an unfair advantage may be blocked if they “behave like cheats.”

In addition to ReShade, PUBG is also doing away with Steam Family Sharing as well. The PUBG developers have reportedly “identified a number of vulnerabilities” within the Steam Family Sharing program that are exploited by cheaters in PUBG. “Please understand that we are introducing this measure to fight abuse and ensure a fair environment,” explained PUBG Corp.

Steam Family Sharing is a feature that allows for multiple Steam accounts to share a single copy of a game like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. The owner of a game can choose to share their game library with a number of Steam accounts. Those approved accounts can then access and play games in that original owner’s library as long as the owner is not currently playing a game on Steam.

PUBG’s upcoming anti-cheat measures are expected to hit live servers sometime this week. The Replay System in PUBG will also be updated to a new version with this patch, which means older replay files will no longer work after this update. Head over to the latest patch notes to learn more about the upcoming changes.

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