PSA: Spider-Man 2 Has Leaked Early, So Prepare To Swing Past Spoilers

Do whatever a Spider can and avoid these spoilers.

miles morales has new spider-man abilities
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The hype for Spider-Man 2 is going through the roof at an astronomical scale, but it seems the Sinister Six may have helped some unruly players get their hands on the game early. As with almost every new release lately, it seems that spoilers and footage of the newest adventure in the Sony/Marvel partnership have been rampantly gaining steam online through social media sites, so it may be time to thwip away until October 20th if you’re hoping to avoid having key moments of the game ruined for you.

Tweet by @_Tom_Henderson_ on X (formerly known as Twitter)

According to a Tweet by @InsiderGaming owner and self-proclaimed Lego fanatic Tom Henderson, Spider-Man 2 footage is making its way around the web. I decided to give it a quick look myself, and Tom here is not exaggerating in the slightest; there are plenty of video clips being passed around on X (formerly known as Twitter) that seem to show off some pretty major spoilers from the upcoming Spider-Man 2 release.

As Tom mentions in the Tweet above, muting keywords and hoping things don’t sneak through the cracks will be the best way to avoid these spoilers from coming up in your searches or on your For You page, and it seems you may want to do this on any platform you frequent. As we rapidly approach the launch date, the “no fun allowed” police are out in full force to ensure that everything is spilled into the open before it swings onto shelves.

No matter if you decide to let your inner demons win and search up these spoilers like I did, or you do everything in your power to avoid them like the plague, it’s always a shame to see the hard work that developers put in get showcased in 240p on social media apps for a bit of extra clout.

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