As reported by outlets like IGN, data from the NPD Group reveals that the top selling console in the US back in September was the PlayStation 5.

Not only is this surprising given how hard it’s been for consumers to find and purchase a PlayStation 5 in general – due in part to a global chip shortage – but also because it ends the comfortable 33-month streak the Nintendo Switch has enjoyed as the top selling console. 

PS5 Passes Nintendo Switch as the Most Sold Console in September


For 33 months, the top selling console in the United States has been the Nintendo Switch. However, in September the top spot changed with none other than the PlayStation 5 passing the Nintendo Switch as the top selling console. 

As previously mentioned, this is surprising news as it’s been notoriously difficult to secure a PlayStation 5 in the US due to a global chip shortage that’s predicted to extend into 2022, and possibly into 2023. 

Not only is it impressive that the PlayStation 5 became the top selling console in September, but September’s numbers in general reflect a significant increase in hardware sales when compared to last year.

In September 2021, video game hardware sales increased by a whopping 49% in comparison to 2020, with $412 million spent on hardware in September alone. Keep in mind, this is in September, not during peak holiday shopping season.

The numbers will likely continue to remain sizable through to the end of the year. To mitigate some of the shock at the PS5 being the best selling console in September, it’s worth keeping in mind that currently the PlayStation 5 stands as the best-selling console, but only in regards to money spent. 

In regards to units sold, the Nintendo Switch still reigns supreme. However, it’s possible as more PS5 consoles become available to consumers, this will change. The demand for a PlayStation 5 remains high, and will only increase as we inch closer to the holiday season and into 2022 with noteworthy PS5 releases like Horizon Forbidden West

After hearing the news that the best selling console in the US in September was the PlayStation 5, we’re curious what your thoughts on the matter are. Are you still struggling to get your hands on a PS5? Are you surprised at how long the Nintendo Switch remained at the top of the list as the best selling console?

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