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PS3 gets Frank West

by Prima Games Staff

Frank West, of Dead Rising fame, will be coming to the PS3 for the first time in a new game entitled  Dead Rising: Case West.

Dead Rising, which featured wise-cracking hard-nut photographer Frank West, was only released on Microsoft’s Xbox 360, though its sequel Dead Rising 2 came out on both platforms. The 360, however, was treated to both a prologue and an epilogue to Dead Rising’s sequel with Case Zero and Case West.

Off the Record is a concept some fans of continuity might find difficult to get their heads’ round as, from first impressions, it doesn’t really make sense in the main canon of the series. The game re-imagines Dead Rising 2 with Frank West taking the lead role.

“It’s fantastic,” co-founder of Capcom said last week at Captivate, the company’s own press event. “If you’re a Sony fan and you’ve got a PlayStation 3 and not a 360, you haven’t had an opportunity at this point to play as Frank West.

“Perhaps you bought Dead Rising 2 and you’ve played the game as Chuck Greene, but that experience is very, very different. This isn’t just a character swap and we’re done. This is a very different story and a very different experience.

It’s really exciting for PS3 fans and they’re going to get an awesome game. I can’t wait to see what the reaction is from those fans around the character and the story. They will really embrace Frank.”

Frank West, as loved as he may have been, isn’t quite what he used to be, and seems to have let himself go a bit.

“Frank after the Willamette incident in Dead Rising became famous,” Leigh said to Eurogamer. “He managed to break the story, so he had a successful book and a talk show. He let the fame go to his head and let himself go and gained a little bit of weight.

“Here we are several years later and he’s coming to Fortune City, and he’s trying to resurrect his career. He’s trying to get on TV, make a name for himself again. You’re going to see how that plays out in the story”.

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