The recently released PlayStation Vita update has upset a large number of gamers by quietly locking memory cards to a single region.

The move has angered many who have PSN accounts in more than one region, such as NeoGAF user Jucksalbe who first reported the incident, as not only will they need to go out and buy a new memory card, they’ll also have to backup their data before playing with their current card.

Previously, users had to “restore” the Vita in order to switch accounts. It was a fiddly job but using just one memory card proved much cheaper than buying two, especially considering there are no third-party alternatives. Since the update, when a memory card is inserted containing data from an account not within the user’s region, a screen will inform them they need to wipe all card’s data.

Many gamers are keen to have an account in more than one region due to the fact Sony makes certain content available to specific sections of the globe. With news of the update this week, North American users found they were to have access to a much smaller amount of PSone games than European account holders.