We've been waiting for the longest time to play PS One classics on the go, and, aside from the PSP, we haven't really had too much of that option.  But that'll change later this month, as Sony announced during its press conference today that the PS One games will finally start making their way to PS Vita on August 28th.

Though the full list of titles weren't revealed just yet, it looks like we'll know about a few games coming our way, including the racing game Jet Moto, the adventurous RPG Arc the Lad, the Square Enix classic Final Fantasy VII (one of the best selling PS One games on the PlayStation Store) and the original Tomb Raider.  Other classics like Twisted Metal and Warhawk are expected to be available for the service as well.

And it looks like the games will be Cross-Buy compatible, so if you own one version on PS3 already, you can get it free of charge over on the Vita.  Nothing beats saving a few bucks that way.

We'll have more coverage of the PS One launch titles closer to their release on the system later this month.