If you’ve been loving the action that’s been given to you in Activision’s Prototype 2, you’re not alone.  It’s furiously fun to thrash through armies of enemies using your newfound organic powers.  Today the company has announced new bloody ways to expand your fun with upcoming downloadable content that will give you even more to do.

The first batch of DLC, which is available now, brings “Colossal Mayhem” to the picture.  With this, you’ll access new goodies including a Thermobaric Boom-Stick for shooting guys and additional skins and powers for Heller to use in the thick of battle.  This pack will run you 400 Microsoft points, or $4.99 on PSN.

Coming up on May 29, you’ll be able to access a new “Excessive Force” pack, one that includes a new Viral Infector grenade launcher and additional power-ups and skins to take advantage of for 400 Microsoft points, or $4.99.

Finally, a companion app is now available for Android and iOS. With it you can keep track of achievements and in-game collectible items with a map that shows you where everything is marked.  The app is a free download, but only comes with one of the three maps.  You can purchase the other two for $1.99 more.

What are you waiting for?  Go get your Prototype on!