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Project xCloud Public Preview Signups Are Now Live and Will Include Gears 5, Halo, 5, and More

by Liana Ruppert

Microsoft first showed off their shiny new streaming service Project xCloud earlier this year and instantly Xbox fans were enthralled by being able to stream hit AAA titles on mobile devices in perfect clarity. Players will be able to explore their favorite games, including the likes of Gears 5, Halo, and so much more. For those interested, signups for this service are now live! 

For those unaware of what this streaming service even is, Project xCloud offers gamers the ability to play their favorite games wherever they wish to as long as they have an Apple or Android device. Xbox exclusives, beloved games, whatever your flavor Project xCloud aims to please with every sweet spot you may have.

Now that the beta signups are live, players can get a sneak peek at what’s on the way while also providing feedback in hopes of making this service even better. The kicker? The beta will be open to Android users, no iOS, though the service as a whole is coming to both. 

“We’re developing Project xCloud not as a replacement for game consoles, but as a way to provide the same choice and versatility that lovers of music and video enjoy today,” Kareem Choudhry said earlier this year when talking about the service. “We’re adding more ways to play Xbox games. We love what’s possible when a console is connected to a 4K TV with full HDR support and surround sound – that remains a fantastic way to experience console gaming. We also believe in empowering gamers to decide when and how to play.”

“Project xCloud is an integral part of our vision for placing you the gamer at the center of your experience, giving you more choice in how and when you play,” Choudhry continued. “We’re excited to share more about the technology and our progress in the coming months, including the first details of how and when you can help us test it in real-world scenarios later this year.”

Ready to get started? Sign up here! 

Liana Ruppert

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