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Prince of Persia Returns, Sorta, Thanks to New For Honor Event

by Liana Ruppert

Prince of Persia is back! Kind of … at least in terms of a new For Honor event that officially kicked off this week and will run until April 2nd. The event itself is called Prince of Persia: Blades of Persia and is comprised of two different chapters for players to enjoy. 

As for the mode that this event brings, Ruler of Time, this mode changes the Harbor map and brings with it various elements from the Prince of Persia games, including its terrifying creatures. And then the protagonist from the series steps out of a tornado, as he is want to do, and pretty much goes ham on everyone – doesn’t matter which side they’re playing on. 

As for when the next chapter starts, on March 19th, the Harbor map will change once more, instead evolving into a map where players will fight in the darkness of night. As with the map, the Prince will also change into his alternate and darker side, which will affect how the new mode functions in ways Ubisoft is keeping secret for now. 

Regarding what else is new, Ubisoft added “In addition to the new mode, Blades of Persia adds 26 new weapons to loot from battles until April 2. A free Event Pass enables players to also earn 30 tiers of gear and loot including a new battle outfit, emblem outline, ornaments, and a Sand Mood effect. Players can also purchase two new illustrious outfits – Ratash and Sandwraith – from the in-game store, as well as a new execution used by the Prince and Dark Prince in combat.”

The new Prince of Persia For Honor event is now live on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, and Uplay+. The first chapter is now live with chapter 2 commencing on March 19th! 

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