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Prima Games’ YouTube Channel is Back in Business – Here’s The Plan

We're back; here's what's up.

by Prima Games Staff

Prima Games has undergone a lot of iteration over the years, and our YouTube channel is no different. In the pursuit of bringing this brand’s mission of delivering high-quality guides, reviews, news, and everything you would expect from the name and legacy of Prima, YouTube is a big part of that.

Our YouTube channel has seen many talented folks come through it over the years, and it’s been through as many changes as the website itself. However, despite the changes, it’s always been a place where we provide you with the best content and help we can.

Prima Games’ YouTube Channel Is Back, Baby

So why is the YouTube channel back now? Well, we’re at a point where we can provide video guides to accompany our writing and vice versa. Not everyone absorbs information in the same way, and oftentimes many of us need the visual to really drive home how to do that sick trick or difficult jump.

You might remember our old streams on Twitch and the variety of content we’ve produced in the past. While we’re not ready to talk about the future of the channel, we are currently committed to bringing you video guides. You can expect to see many more of them embedded in our articles to ensure everyone can get the help they need on various games.

We’re excited about the channel’s revival and the places we can take it as a team. If you haven’t noticed the YouTube channel’s recent upload of videos, then you should check them out here, courtesy of our fantastic and incredibly talented video team, who is equally as passionate about blowing this thing up.

Also, since we’re YouTubers now, we are legally obligated to say the term “like and subscribe, and don’t forget to hit the bell, so you don’t miss a video.”

We hope you’re as excited as we are to continue bringing you the best we can offer. It’s an exciting time – and much more from us on the channel in the future!

We’re on a roll with Destiny 2: Lightfall content right now.

Prima Games Staff

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