Precursor Games Reveals Spiritual Successor to Eternal Darkness

The GameCube cult classic could be seeing a sequel if it meets its funding.

It’s been ages since we’ve played Eternal Darkness, Silicon Knights’ awesome “mess with your head” gaming experience for the GameCube.  We dare not forget what a great experience it provided years ago and we know we’re not alone on this.

Precursor Games may have provided the answer to our prayers.  The developers revealed a stunning new trailer over on IGN today for a project called Shadow of the Eternals, which looks to be a successor to Eternal Darkness.  It’s done by the same creators and it definitely has the same vibe, between an interesting set of characters, plenty of creepy atmosphere, and demons.

The game hasn’t officially been confirmed for publishing as of yet, as the team is looking to start crowdfunding for it (probably through KickStarter) on May 6th.  Judging by Darkness’ cult status, it should have no problem meeting those goals.

You can learn more about Shadow of the Eternals on the official page and watch the trailer here.  It’ll be interesting to see what platforms this gets announced for.

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