Precursor Games is giving Shadow of the Eternals another chance at being made. This time, though, it's super serious about it.

The team restarted its KickStarter campaign for the game, which is a spiritual sequel to the popular GameCube cult favorite Eternal Darkness.  Its previous campaign was cut short due to lack of funds, as well as controversy behind-the-scenes.  However, the team is confident the focus will go back on the game.

To prove just how devoted it is, it's also made an announcement tying in with Shadow of the Eternals.  David Hayter, the former voice of Solid Snake, has joined the cast as Paul Becker, one of the troubled characters you play as. That should certainly provide a boost, especially for those who have been wanting to hear Hayter do his stuff again. The company also stated that the Wii U and PC are primary platforms, but one of the stretch goals is a release for the PlayStation 4.

You can find the KickStarter here. So far, it's at roughly $14,000 of its $750,000 goal, but there's still four weeks to go.