Post Malone is Just As Excited For Starfield As We Are

And I ain’t seen a light of day since, well, Starfield launched.

Post Malone is Excited for Starfield
Image via Instagram: @postmalone / Bethesda

It’s always great to see a time when our favorite singers, actors, or sports stars remind us that they’re human after all. While we may put them on a pedestal, knowing that we may have run into our idols while slumming in a game is always a prospect I’ve been intrigued about. Even if the first game came out a year before he was born, it seems that Post Malone has been a big fan of the Elder Scrolls and Fallout franchises, and can’t wait to jump into Bethesda’s newest creation.

A fan named Kate (@Katelynnpwnz on Twitter) traveled and waited for hours, not just to get some memorabilia signed by the man himself, but to ask a very important question; is Post Malone going to be jumping into the world of Starfield when it releases? His answer seems to point in a very obvious direction.

Video via @Katelynnpwnz on Twitter

After Kate asks Austin if he’s planning on jumping into the newest Bethesda world, he responds with the following, very enthusiastically:

F*** yeah, I’m going to play the s*** out of Starfield…I’m going to be on tour, but I’ve got a nice, cool little rig to play on tour.

Austin “Post Malone” Post to Kate|@Katelynnpwnz

However, this isn’t his first experience in the lands that Bethesda has created. The singer also happens to have the Oblivion logo tattooed on his foot, alongside a Skyrim logo and a Vault Boy from Fallout. He also couldn’t keep his excitement chained up during The Elder Scrolls VI’s announcement in 2018.

Are you just as excited as Post Malone to jump into this new sci-fi epic? Make sure that you’ve cleared enough space on your hard drive, and gotten yourself ready to start preloading this new adventure, because September 6 is going to be here much faster than we could have ever guessed. While Steam owners may need to wait a little longer, those with an Xbox or Xbox Game Pass subscription can get started as soon as possible.

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