Poker Night 2 Antes Up For PlayStation Plus Users

Deal in to Telltale Games' fun poker game for free starting tomorrow.

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Sony has revealed the latest addition to its Instant Game Collection for PlayStation Plus subscribers, and it’s a real card. 

Telltale Games’ entertaining simulation Poker Night 2 will be joining the downloadable game collection starting tomorrow. It’s a real romp, as you’ll deal with the likes of Sam (from Sam & Max), Ash (from the Evil Dead films), Brock Samson (from the show Venture Brothers) and Claptrap (from Borderlands) while raising the stakes and attempting to win poker hands. GLADoS from the Portal series also drops in, just to give her occasional two cents and deal the cards. You can see the characters in action in the trailer below.

In addition, several Capcom games will be on sale tomorrow, including Remember Me ($13.99), Street Fighter x Tekken ($13.99), Okami HD ($6.99 – a steal) and Capcom Arcade Cabinet with all of its games ($10.49). These deals only last for one week, so don’t miss out.

Finally, several games will be available in discounted Ultimate Editions, including Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Blacklist ($56.69), Dead Space 3 ($37.44) and Crysis 3 ($26.94). Be sure to check those out as well.

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