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Pokemon X and Y Get New Trailer, Pokemon Characters and Super Training

by Prima Games Staff

Avid Pokemon fans are probably making plans to take a few weeks off for Pokemon X & Y, the new games coming to Nintendo 3DS in just a couple of months. To keep them excited, the Pokemon Company provided new details about the game, as well as a battle-filled trailer.

With Super Training, players can help make their Pokemon stronger, even when they’re not battling enemies. Using the 3DS’ touch screen, activities will help keep track of base stats, including hit power, attack, defense and more. Players can also set up training bags, which are available by completing Super-Training Regimens.

The Pokemon Company also revealed three new Pokemon characters – the adorable mouse-like Dedenne, a bunny with enormous ears named Bunnelby and a part-calf, part-goat creature named Skiddo.  It’s also been confirmed that the game will feature the return of Mewtwo, one of the fiercest Pokemon characters out there – this time in Mega Mewtwo form.

A promotional event is in the works, with a special character distributed across the Nintendo Network starting October 12th, the game’s release date.  We’ll have more details as they become available.

Finally, a new trailer shows Pokemon X & Y in action.  You can watch it below.

Pokemon X & Y releases October 12th for Nintendo 3DS, both in retail form and on the Nintendo eShop. 

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