Pokemon Trading Card Game Live Coming to Mobile and Desktop

What about the Switch though

Today, the Pokemon Company has revealed a brand new, digital version of its everlasting Pokemon Trading Card Game. This new version will also incorporate scanning purchased cards in the real world, but adds free to play elements as well. 

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Pokemon Trading Card Game Live is the game’s official title, and it will be available for both mobile devices and desktop computers. The announcement trailer notes that this will be cross-platform, so players will be able to hop across devices.

You can check out the trailer here, which shows off early in-game footage. The trailer promises accurate rules for the current state of the game, and shows off lots of UI elements and animations.

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There is currently no release date for Pokemon Trading Card Game Live, simply set as “coming soon” for the time being. Let us know what you think about this latest digital adaptation of the Pokemon TCG at Prima Games’ Facebook and Twitter feeds.


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