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Pokémon Sword & Shield Expansion Pass Presentation Tomorrow

by Jesse Vitelli

Tomorrow, The Pokemon Company will unveil new information about the Pokemon Sword & Shield Expansion Pass. It’s most likely to focus on what players can expect from the second and final expansion called “The Crown Tundra.”


A Pokemon presentation scheduled for 6 am PDT/9 am EDT will outline the expansion and hopefully provide a date for when players can get their hands on it.

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You can watch the presentation here.

We already know a little bit about the expansion from when it was first announced earlier this year. Unlike the earlier expansion Isle of Armor, this new expansion has a heavy emphasis on legendary pokemon. In a brief trailer from the expansion’s announcement, you can see all new Galarian forms of Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres.

Returning favorite like Regirock, ice, and steel are also going to be a part of the storyline. If you haven’t checked out the first piece of DLC for Pokemon Sword and Shield, now might be a good time. The Crown Tundra is supposed to launch this year, so there’s a likely chance we could get it within the next few weeks.

Of course, it wouldn’t be an expansion without a brand-new legendary Pokemon. This time around, we have a Deer God by the name of Calyrex. Here’s the official description of Calyrex on the Pokemon website.

A noble leader

“This Pokémon ruled all of Galar in ancient times. Though it appears delicate and slight, its every move is filled with grace and dignity. It also has extremely high intelligence, and it’s said to see every past, present, and future event.”

This sounds like one hell of a Pokemon, and fans will only have to wait a few more hours before learning more about how Calyrex ties into the new expansion.

There is also a new Wild Area to explore and, most likely, some new Gigantimax forms of familiar Pokemon.

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