Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Aren’t Over, Hidden Treasure of Area Zero Epilogue to Drop in January

More Pokemon DLC? Well that's just peachy!

Image via the official Pokemon Twitter account

Trainers all around the world may find themselves finishing up Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s Indigo Disk DLC chapter, but the story isn’t over just yet. Earlier today, the official Pokemon Twitter account announced an epilogue to the Hidden Treasure of Area Zero that will release on January 11, 2024.

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The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero’s epilogue is set to take place in Kitakami once again. Players will return to the setting of The Teal Mask chapter, but this time, they’ll be accompanied by their rivals from the main story, Arven, Penny, and Nemona. Whether Kieran and Carmine return is currently uncertain.

In the video shared by the Pokemon official Twitter account, which can be seen below, there appears to be an emphasis on “Momotaro” from Ogerpon’s story. There is also screen time given to the mysterious peach-like object in Peachy’s store, which bears a striking resemblance to one of the currently unnamed characters shown partially off-screen in the Ogerpon story retellings from The Teal Mask.

It’s important to note that this epilogue has been leaked, so details of the entire storyline and Pokemon involved have been circulating online. Anyone interested in remaining spoiler-free until the epilogue officially releases in January should take care when looking into DLC-related information.

According to the official announcement video, players will need to “Complete the main stories of The Teal Mask and The Indigo Disk” and “Complete a certain postgame event in Pokemon Scarlet or Pokemon Violet” to access the epilogue once it releases. It is currently unclear as to what the “certain postgame event” is. There are some postgame events tied to The Teal Mask and The Indigo Disk, such as taking Terapagos to the Crystal Pool in Kitakami, but the announcement video’s use of colors and separation of the two requirements seems to imply that the “postgame event” is tied exclusively to the Scarlet and Violet base games rather than the DLC chapters. In that case, the postgame event may be completing the Academy Ace Tournament for the first time, although that is currently speculation.

The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero epilogue will release before Pokemon Day (February 27) 2024, so it’s uncertain if more details will be announced before the event’s official release. It also means there’s a chance that announcements not related to Scarlet and Violet will be made on Pokemon Day. Whatever the future may hold, 2024 is already looking quite intriguing for Pokemon fans.

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